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Call Now. Convenient hours.  Custom fabrication, assembly and on-site installation. Full Service Machine Shop.  Quick, Reliable Quality Repairs. Fast Turnaround.  Walk-in service available.

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End to End Metal Fabrication & Installation

We love producing your custom metalwork designs. We want to meet and exceed your expectations.

Seeing our clients satisfied with the product is the best feeling we get from doing this job. We also love taking on challenging projects and seeing our work go from a sketch to a full-sized product.  We are very passionate about the work we do for each and every client.

We deliver unrivaled quality, experience, dependability and service.

Ready to see how Johnson Construction and Fabrication can help you with your metal fabrication and construction needs?  From welding and custom metal fabrication to marine and retail solutions, rails and ornamental metalwork, onsite installation and more.  Call us and learn how JohnConFab can take your project to the next level.  Call us today.


Design, Assembly, Cutting, Machining, Erection, Mobil and On-site, Welding, Aluminum

About Us

Since 1983 Johnson Construction and Fabrication has been a leader in the turn-key welding and metal fabrication business, offering design, assembly and onsite installation.  Over the past 3 decades we have grown in our design and technical capabilities.  Founder Keith Johnson has a simple philosophy, “Operate with the highest integrity, give great service, offer a quality product and give it with a fair price.”

Come in and take a tour of our facility in person and experience the JohnConFab operation and capabilites first hand.

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Choosing your project’s metal fabricator should be a lot more involved that just doing the Google search.  You want to know their capabilities, their reputation, their on time delivery record.  Ask yourself, “Have they successfully worked on a similar project to yours?”  “Have they built or designed for similar industries?”  “Do they have past clients that you are familiar with?” Do they have the expertise to scale with your project and can they find areas of improvement to suggest?”  

At JohnConFab we have decades of experience and expertise.  Our quality workmanship is legendary in our area.  We have a client first mind-set.  We deliver a superior product and a measurable bottom line value for our customers.  

We’d love to help you with any project you have in mind.  Feel free to reach out to us at (504) 734-1077.  Let’s get your project started.